Radiant Hope

2018 was a fun whirlwind - beginning with our first Pop-up shop in October that launched us into a full holiday season. We thought we dipped our toe in the water, but found ourselves swimming in business! Now it is 2019 and we want to mark the upcoming year with a gift to say "Thank you!" So we began to brainstorm what that might look like. 

A friend's blog post about her non-profit sparked a great opportunity.  Out of her experience as a cancer survivor, Joanna Dennstaedt established  Radiant Hope in 2015. Their mission is to support and encourage those whose lives have been impacted by cancer. They have sent over 1500 care packages to survivors and caregivers. It started as three friends and has grown to a leadership team of 9 and hundreds of volunteers.  They began early on sending a few home made packages of love to friends and neighbors. Today they are impacting thousands of lives a year, to truly find HOPE amidst the most impossible circumstances.  

Star Cottage Cloth will mark our first year by designing and donating 100 cosmetic bags to Radiant Hope.  Our "Joanna" cosmetic bag was designed to be part of those packages and we pray it will add a little ray of light.  

And here's how you can join us.  For any and every purchase on starcottagecloth.com between now and Easter (April 21) we'll add one more bag to our donation.  Help us bring hope this Easter season!