Wonder-filled Countdown

Advent is a favorite time of year in our house.  We hang a ticking stripe ribbon around our large dining room door-frame and adorn it with small muslin bags--each lovingly stenciled with the numbers 1 through 25 and threaded with silk ribbon.  Katie hand-made this Advent calendar for us years ago.  And our children absolutely love taking turns untying each day's bag and seeing the treasure it holds.

Despite the wide variety (and varying quality!) of what we tuck inside, underneath it all is the love of the season, the wonder in the eyes of our children, and the joy in our hearts.  For on Christmas, real abiding Hope takes center stage as the Word becomes flesh in the small baby Jesus--giving us all the chance to be made New.


Our way of adding to the fun and anticipation this season is to introduce something brand-new each day until December 5th (our Christmas delivery deadline).  Think of it as our own little Advent calendar, helping you finish your Christmas shopping early.  Then you can turn your full attention to soaking in the season and loving all those around you with wonder in their eyes and joy in your heart.

So check out the holiday shop here.  Days 1 through 5 are already up!  Come back each day to see what's in store.