Our Name

Star Cottage is a name full of our family history.  

"Star Cottage III" was the name of our grandparents' year-round home at the Delaware beach, where we'd spend summers sailing with our grandad and shopping with our grandmother; playing touch-football with our cousins at Thanksgiving; and making a lifetime worth of memories.

However, the name "Star Cottage" originally came down from our grandfather's great aunt, the world-renowned Harvard astronomer Annie Jump Cannon. A pioneering female scientist, her early love of the telescope and the stars blazed a path for others to follow.  She built the original "Star Cottage" in Cambridge, MA as a getaway from the rigors of her research.  

Our great-grandfather built "Star Cottage II" in Maryland in memory of his aunt; and our granddad followed the tradition, naming his home, "Star Cottage III" (in honor of his great-aunt Annie). So if you're keeping track, that makes Annie Jump Cannon our great-great-great aunt!

So as a tribute to our family history, and as an inspiration for others to blaze a trail and tell their story--we're Star Cottage Cloth.  

Now go find your telescope.  And welcome to the family.